Elephant Island

Elephant Island Map

Date Posted: March 31st, 2017, 10:29 pm
Just a bit of lore!

Author Notes

The champions arrive at elephant's back and settle in the village at its heart. There are watchtowers scattered around the edges of the island, as well as at the border between the Dark Forest and the Village. The capital houses aristocrats and nobles that maintain and govern the island.

The Dark Forest is a large area filled with blighted trees. No one is yet sure of what caused the blight, but many locals believe that the impact of the very first battle against the evil god Tarius has permanently stained this part of the forest with his darkness.

The mountain range at the neck of the elephant prevents easy passage between the village and the capital. This has been the subject of conflict for hundreds of years, as the champions -who in the end may give their lives to protect the world- feel segregated from the nobles and aristocrats residing in comfort and luxury.